Our office in real estate in Kavala and Thassos island and parts of the mainland of Greece, over the past eight years.

Our service:

Provide in-house legal services to initiate and review contracts.

Provide in-house marketing services to produce sales materials, including photography, brochures, and websites.

Understand Privacy?not listing with MLS ensures that only our Sales Executives have access to the lockbox.

Ensure all repairs are complete and satisfactory and provide lists of reputable repair businesses, inspectors, and lenders.

In addition

We have a network of real estate agents both on the mainland and in the Greek islands, with whom we co-operate. These are mainly those who have an international background in real estate and who are aware of the level of service which clients expect to receive. So if you do not find the property you are looking for, on our web site, we will be happy to try and find it for you, through our network of real estate agents.

We can also introduce you to English speaking specialists in Greece, whose advice and services you may need, when you buy a property in Greece. These include lawyers, architects, surveyors and builders. We stress however, that a buyer is always perfectly free to find and engage his own consultants and specialists.

We will also try and give you as much independent advice as we can to help you select both a suitable property in Greece and a suitable location. If we think that a particular area or a particular property, is not suitable for your particular needs, we will tell you so. In our view there is not a lot of point in buying a property as a permanent residence, in the middle of a holiday resort which is nice and lively during summer but then boarded up and deserted from October to May. That same property however, may be ideal if you are wanting a holiday home, with the possibility of some rental income. For that reason, one of the first questions we ask is ? What do you want to use the property for ??.

If you have real estate or property for sale in Greece, we will be delighted to offer you our services and suggestions as to how your property can best be marketed. We will present you with a full marketing proposal which could include the use of local or international agents, as well as internet marketing suggestions, display on our own web site and preparation of the property particulars in English, together with photographs.

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